• You may wash your procedure area 1 time within 12 hours of treatment with unscented, gentle & mild soap. Apply ointment afterward to prevent drying. Washing once will remove any dried lymph that may form a crust. (If your procedure area Lymphs again after the first gentle wash, you may wash one more time 12 hours after the first washing)

  • Ombre/Powder Brows require gentle washing every morning and night for 7 days, and applying a thin layer of ointment on afterward to prevent drying.

  • Change your pillowcase after initial treatment to avoid any dirt or oil from getting into the procedure area.

  • During your 7-day healing, avoid direct sunlight, tanning or burning your procedure area.

  • With clean, washed hands, apply a very thin layer of aftercare ointment to your procedure area 2-3 times a day. Always use a clean Q-Tip (not your fingertips!) If your procedure area feels tight or dry, apply another thin coat of ointment.

  • Only use the ointment given to you by RENAE COLE, or unscented plain Vaseline. This will control the amount of drying and crusting of your Micro-Pigmentation and aid in good color retention.

  • The healing process can become itchy after day 2. DO NOT pick, peel, scratch, rub or traumatize the healing skin as this can cause scarring or removal of pigment.

  • Refrain from any makeup, tinting of lashes/brows, sun, scented soaps, sauna, Jacuzzi or swimming pools for 7 days.

  • Do not stand or sit in very hot showers/bathwater as it opens the pores and pushes pigment out prematurely. Try to keep your face from direct water streams while in the shower. Make sure you have a fresh coat of ointment on prior to showering or washing your face and reapply ointment after cleansing.

  • Do not use products that contain AHA or Retinol A or similar skin lightening products on the procedure area once healed. These products will fade your pigment prematurely.

  • Avoid heavy sweating associated with exercise for 7 days as sweat opens the pores and pushes out pigment prematurely.

  • During the healing process and over the course of 6-8 weeks, your pigment will slough off, revealing a lighter tattoo underneath. This is normal! Some pigmentation will be lost, which is why a 6-8 week touchup appointment is necessary. Your touchup appointment will slough less as your body will no longer see the pigment as a foreign substance and will not reject pigment like the initial procedure.

  • Once your procedure area is healed, please use “Sun Block” to prevent future fading of the procedure area.

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